Download Microsoft Scanpst.exe Free And Recover The Damaged PST File

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client that stores all the emails, meeting schedules, tasks, calenders, notes etc. in a file that is known as Personal Storage Table (PST) file. Sometimes, this PST file gets corrupted due to several reasons and makes the PST file inaccessible and you may loose all the data. In order to repair the damaged PST file and restore all the data of PST file back, Microsoft provides the inbuilt utility tool known as Scanpst.exe. It is used to repair the corrupted PST file to make them accessible again. It works very efficiently and recovers the PST file.

Scanpst.exe is available with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook and present in the program file. Many people becomes unable to find this tool as it does not have any fixed location. It has different location in different versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Scanpst.exe is a repair tool and has been mainly designed to repair the damaged or corrupted PST file. It recovers the data very efficiently but up to a limit (means it can recover up to 2GB data only). Apart from this, it gets failure sometimes due to the severe corruption in the PST or disk error or any other related problem. When Scanpst.exe tool fails, then you will get the following error messages ;

  • Scanpst.exe didn’t solve the error.
  • Scanpst.exe won’t work.
  • Scanpst.exe fails with the error 80040818.
  • Scanpst.exe stops responding during repair process

These all error may cause the further damage in the PST file.

So, in order to restore the lost, damaged and corrupted PST file, a best alternative to Scanpst.exe has been introduced i.e, PST Repair Tool. It is capable in recovering the lost data of PST file more than 2GB and 4GB. It is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook and has the graphical user interface. Firstly, it scan the complete system thoroughly and finds out the reasons for the corruption and removes them. Then, it shows the complete preview of the PST file that can be recovered. It works very easily and quickly. Any person can use the PST Repair Tool as it is user-friendly. It is a fast and safe recovery software and provides you the best result in recovering the damaged and corrupted PST file. It has the capabilities to restore the formatting in HTML and RTF format. It gives you the facility to save the recovered PST file at your desired location.

User Guide – How PST Repair Tool Works!

Step 1:

Using the wizard install the tool. Launch the tool from the shortcut or from the directory.

Step 2:

Click on Select Outlook File button and browse  the corrupted pst files to repair. Then Start the scanning process.

Step 3:

You may stop the scanning process to see the items in mid. the software also provides resume recovery option.

Step 4:

After completing the process, you will see the preview of your recovered items in a new windows showing a option to choose files to recover.

Step 5:

Just choose the files which you have to recover and click on save button to save the items.

Step 6:

it will ask you for the destination path, give it and click on OK button to save items.

Step 7:

Now, you will see a message that you have successfully recovered your files and will also specify the recovered file size.

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